Welcome to the portfolio of Kristie Clementine, a designer living in England



Here I have two major dashboard projects I have worked on. They are both for two different products and companies, however, when it comes to designing a product like that, there are major UX and UI rules that I found apply throughout.

One of the major tasks when working on these projects were tackling the navigation system, as well as visually reducing the data complexity for the user

What I did:
UX Research
UI Design
Design Lead


I lead the Research and Design phases for Quidco dashboard redesigns. The company had various needs and technical limitations that I had to consider in my designs.

I wanted to focus on simplicity and ease of usability with this task. The old design had 3 navigations on each page, which always took a while to work out for the users as we found from our tests. So the new design pulled the whole of the dashboard together in one easy navigation with subsections. Adding more visuals, like company logos on the table helped users to recognise what they were looking for easily. I worked closely with the Head of Design to organise the data in the table.

This redesign had reduced a significant amount of customer support tickets and we had really positive feedback from the users.


The above project was for Streetbess and we were a team of three designers working on this dashboard. Our main focus here was on the navigation but also making the data looks visually pleasing.

I also joined in with the development team to help build this product. We were working with React and I contributed working as a Front-End desinger to make sure the code worked well according to the designs.