Welcome to the portfolio of Kristie Clementine, a designer living in England


Game Design

For the festive months we decided to up the engagement on the Quidco app by adding a game.

We needed something rather simple as we only had three weeks to design and develop it for both Android and iOS apps.So the idea of a box was born. My aim was to make it compelling and fun, so I explored different ways we could represent that through illustration and animation.

What I did:
Art Direction


I worked with After Effects to animate every possible scenario. Then used Bodymovin to export it to xml and we implemented it into the apps with Lottie.

The Challenge

The real challenge was going up against the time and working out the best way we can build this game with a very limited timescale. Luckily, Lottie really helped us and I was able to animate every scene, taking that work off the developers. The tools I used really sped up the process and we were able to make this happen.


This was a super fun project where all of us in the team had to work hard together to coordinate our work to make sure that it will get delivered on time and look great. We managed to finish the project early, and we do owe a lot to Lottie for that!


Although this has been a super quick project and build, we did all learn a lot as a team and are now fully able and well equipped to build much more complex games and experiences going forward.