Welcome to the portfolio of Kristie Clementine, a designer living in England



My very first role in the digital industry was in publishing. I pretty much 'fell into' it after university and it turned out to be something I really loved. I always loved working with layout and I had already had some short internships with magazines. The whole process came so effortlessly to me so I was sure it was something I wanted to pursue.

As a digital publishing designer, I worked on magazine web apps and an iPad app before moving into the world of HTML and other code. I was lucky to start working for digital magazines as I enjoy the interactive elements I could add. I always felt I can achieve and convey so much more on a digital screen than print. I designed a lot of client adverts which mostly ended up looking like mini websites for their brand. From there on, my journey into web design had begun. We were working with Adobe sofware to build the magazines, but I got excited on what more can be done with code and web design in general.

What I did:
Layout Design
Art Direction
Interactive Design


These are a few of the spreads I've worked on. The magazine titles ranged from Architecture, Pharma to Packaging so a very wide range of subjects and approaches. Each magazine had to be designed for a particular audience and of course it had to have a certain look and feel to reflect the subject. I worked on 13 different titles and was able to lead and re-design and re-brand some of the magazines, which got me promoted in my role very quickly.

I've always had little side projects where I could explore more of what really intersted me, which then always allowed me to take that next step in to my career. Below is some more promotional material I've worked on. Making 'The Rose' ebook lead on to a commission from 'Walls and Floors' - an interior online shop.

The Rose

A product promoting ebook consists of well researched keywords and topics, attractive imagery and a well adapted tone of voice. Download


Walls and Floors

A collaboration featuring my baking recipe and Design Direction for a promotional Christmas ebook. Download