Welcome to the portfolio of Kristie Clementine, a designer living in England



This was a side projects I worked on with a few friends of mine. It was more of an experiment to see if we could take it to the market and how we could build on it.

I took the lead with design and research. We mocked up a website and an app. We branded it to look professional and clean, yet approachable and aimed towards a younger audience who might be looking for a room to rent in London.

What I did:
Design Lead


We spent about a month on this project and used to meet in the British Library as much as I could fit some time in in between my other freelance work. Although we didn't really attempt to start a new business, it did feel a little like working on a little start up.

We learned some interesting lessons on this project. We spoke to potential developers and business associates to see if we could work on it any further. This project definitely needs a lot more work, but our aim was to look for ways to make searching to rent rooms a bit more fun and interesting.